Setting Up For Multiple Kids In The Same Class

If 2 or more of your kids are attending the same class, here's some extra things you need to know...


Who is this article for?

  • You have 2 or more children attending the class at the same time

Equipment & Software

  • Each child attending the class will need their own computer as explained in the equipment & software requirements
  • You will need to perform the Minecraft setup instructions on each computer

Preventing An Audio Feedback Loop

  • If multiple children join the same video conference whilst in the same room, the whole class may hear a horrible screeching sound!
  • This is called an audio feedback loop, and we have a few options to prevent it:

Option 1: Each Child In A Different Room

  • This is the most foolproof solution
  • Place each child in a separate room in the house 
  • This prevents their microphones interfering with each other and causing the screeching sound

Option 2: Mute One Child

  • This option is best if they both want to sit together
  • Both children are sitting next to each other, but one child turns of his/her mic
  • When talking to the teacher, both children just talk at the computer that isn't muted
  • Once you are in the video conference with the teacher, click the 'Mic Off' button at the bottom of the screen