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More Info About Our Introductory Minecraft Coding Workshop

  • We'll start off by making some teleporting arrows that strike lightning
  • We'll code some exploding snowballs that are great for mining diamonds and being destructive
  • We'll make some pretty firework eggs
  • If there's time left, we'll make a mega-exploding lightning firework show!
  • Before the class starts, login to your child's CodeMakers account and join the video call
  • The teacher will be waiting in the video call with any other students (max 4 children per class)
  • Your child will follow along with the teacher as they write code in their CodeMakers account, and test it out in Minecraft together. The class runs for 50 minutes.
What equipment is required?
  • A laptop or desktop computer (unfortunately an ipad/tablet is not sufficient)
  • A way of talking to the teacher (i.e. a microphone built into the computer, a headset, etc)
  • Minecraft for Mac/PC: Java Edition (this is FREE to install on your computer, and we'll lend you a login so you don't need to buy your own Minecraft account)
Who is this class suitable for?
  • Recommended for children aged 8-12, although younger children can attend if a parent sits next to them throughout the class
  • Perfect for complete beginner coders, up to intermediate level coders.

Show your child this 2 minute trailer for our Beginner 10 Week Program

  • If an emergency pops up (your child gets sick, computer dies, etc) just please us know ASAP and we'll reschedule or offer a refund if you can't reschedule.
  • Kids LOVE our class, but if your child doesn't then just let us know within 3 days and we'll happily offer you a refund (and appreciate any feedback to help us improve)
He counts down to coding class every week, starting at “6 days to go” – he looks forward to the classes that much. He has transformed from being shy and uncertain when using a computer to being completely independent.
Bec T.
Aiden's Mum
She has so thoroughly enjoyed her coding and can’t wait to get on and go. We have noticed a change in her schooling, especially problem solving. So we are extremely happy with the course.
Dave P.
Caitlyn's Dad
We particularly appreciated the specific feedback received each week and calm, positive approach shown by the facilitators.
Matthew D.
Henry's Dad
The best part is that it allows him to develop skills in programming that benefit all other areas of his learning at school.
Adrian Giles
Hugo's Dad
She looked proud as punch with herself when I arrived home and told me in great detail what she’d achieved. Thanks so much. She loves it.
Bec Smith
Ella's Mum
He has high functioning autism but computers are his special interest and he is very bright but just a little shy on the social front. This class is brilliant as it enables interaction in safe environment of home.
Student's Mum
Nate is loving the classes and the interaction of the online delivery, being that age ‘doing’ is far better than reading text books!!
Leigh P.
Nate's Mum
Thank you for the amazing service you are providing, and for being so flexible and immediately accommodating to reschedule Dan’s class. After his lesson tonight he said it was so good!
Scott A.
Dan's Dad
An email sent to one of our teachers...

You have done amazing things for our son. I don’t have the heart to tell him that there are no other classes with you that suit him for next term.
Please contact us as soon as you have created one. He will miss you. Mark and I will miss the sound of happiness from his coding bunker every Tuesday night. We honestly turn down the volume on the tv just to hear him. He is a special little boy and you have been absolutely perfect for him. You are brilliant at what you do. I hope this is not goodbye, but see you again soon.
I do hope you understand the impact that you have had on his little world and ours. (I’m getting emotional writing this)
Sarah D.
Xavier's Mum