Discover Your Child's Passion For Coding With Our Introductory Class

What Are Minecraft mods?
  • "Mods" are bits of computer code that modify the behaviour of your child's Minecraft game and give your child super powers in Minecraft!
  • Mods are the most engaging way to teach children the #1 most in-demand skill of the 21st century: coding
  • We'll start off by making some teleporting arrows that strike lightning
  • We'll code some exploding snowballs that are great for mining diamonds and being destructive
  • We'll make some pretty firework eggs
  • If there's time left, we'll make a mega-exploding lightning firework show!
How does this online class work?
  • Before the class starts, login to your child's CodeMakers account and join the video call
  • The teacher will be waiting in the video call with any other students (max 4 children per class)
  • Your child will follow along with the teacher as they write code in their CodeMakers account, and test it out in Minecraft together. The class runs for 50 minutes.
Who is this class suitable for?
  • Recommended for children aged 8-12, although younger children can attend if a parent sits next to them throughout the class
  • Perfect for complete beginner coders, up to intermediate level coders.
What equipment is required?
  • A laptop or desktop computer (unfortunately an ipad/tablet is not sufficient)
  • A way of talking to the teacher (i.e. a microphone built into the computer, a headset, etc)
  • Minecraft for Mac/PC: Java Edition (this is FREE to install on your computer, and we'll lend you a login so you don't need to buy your own Minecraft account)
What's next after this class?
  • If your child wants to learn more, we offer a 10 week after-school program
  • In this program, your child can code a different Minecraft mod each week whilst developing their maths, logical thinking & problem solving skills
  • Click here for more information on this after-school program.

Show your child this 2 minute trailer for our Beginner 10 Week Program

How Do I Book This Class?
  • Just click here to choose a class time and book in
  • If you can't see a suitable class time, get in contact with us
Our Guarantee
  • If an emergency pops up (your child gets sick, computer dies, etc) just please us know ASAP and we'll reschedule or offer a refund if you can't reschedule.
  • Kids LOVE our class, but if your child doesn't then just let us know within 3 days and we'll happily offer you a refund (and appreciate any feedback to help us improve)


We've taught this class to thousands of Minecraft-loving kids all around the world, and they absolutely love it! 

Hayden filmed a little review, showing us some of the cool things he has learnt in our after-school classes.

Chris loved our introductory class, and can't wait to code some more Minecraft mods in our after-school classes.

Josh had a ball. When it was finished he put down his headset and said ‘That was AMAZING!’
Sheree B.
Josh's Mum
Emily absolutely loved this class. I really liked the fact that you can see what each child is doing and noticed that you were right on top of things.
Melissa M.
Emily's Mum
He has been talking about it all day. Tonight, he connected his laptop to the tv and showed us all what he did in the class!
Kate D.
Daniel's Mum
We were so happy with how you ran it too and kept checking on the kids to make sure they were all on the same page, that was very reassuring for his father and I.
Krystle C.
Student's Mum

About CodeMakers

CodeMakers is the brainchild of Nikki Durkin. 

Nikki fell in love with technology when she founded a fashion-trading app at age 18 that grew internationally and took her all over the world. 

Along with the other CodeMakers teachers, she's now excited to share her passion for code with the next generation and help them bring their big ideas to life!