How To Setup Minecraft For The Class

Please follow these steps to install and setup Minecraft so your child is ready for the class!


Time Required

  • Allow 5-10 mins if you already have the correct version of Minecraft installed
  • Allow 20+ mins if you don't already have Minecraft installed (it may take some time to download, depending on your internet speed)

When To Do This

  • To prevent tears and tantrums on the day, please try not to leave this until the last minute
  • You'll receive your Minecraft login details 48 hours before the class, so you have a full 2 days to get everything setup

Step 1: Install Minecraft For Mac/PC: Java Edition

  • You will need to install Minecraft for Mac/PC: Java Edition on your computer 
  • This software is 100% free to install
  • If you are a Windows 10 user and you already have Minecraft installed on your computer, click here to check that you have the correct version installed.
  • You can click the links below to download the correct version directly, but some anti-virus softwares won't like you doing that. You can also go to and install 'Minecraft for PC/Mac: Java Edition' directly (just make sure you get the correct version!)

Step 2: Install Google Chrome

  • Our software works best in Google Chrome, and you may experience problems in other web browsers
  • If you don't already have the Google Chrome web browser installed, click here to install it

Step 3: Retrieve Your Minecraft Login Details

  • Open your Google Chrome web browser
  • Login to your CodeMakers account at (use the mobile number you provided when booking your child in)
  • Once inside your account, click your child's name 
  • If your introductory class starts within 48 hours, you should see the login details for a Minecraft account

Step 4: Login To Minecraft & Launch The Game

  • Open Minecraft
  • Type in the email address provided in your CodeMakers account
  • Type in the password provided (copy/pasting won't always work, so its much safer to type it in!)
  • Note: Your child is also welcome to login with their own 'Minecraft for Mac/PC' account if they have one

  • Now we just need to get Minecraft running on a slightly older version that is compatible with the CodeMakers software
  • Click the 'Installations' tab as shown below
  • Now click the 'New' button as shown below

  • Type CodeMakers into the name field as shown below
  • Select 'Release 1.13.2' from the dropdown menu
  • Click the 'Create' button

  • Hover over the CodeMakers profile you just created and click the play button, as shown below
  • Version 1.13.2 will now start downloading

Step 5: Turn Minecraft Master Volume Off

Classes get a little noisy if everyone has their Minecraft sound on, so we're going to turn the master volume off.

a. Once you've launched the game, click 'options'

b. Click 'Music & Sounds'

c. Turn the master volume switch all the way down to 0%

d. Click 'Done' and then 'Done' again to return to the main screen

Step 6: Add The CodeMakers Minecraft Server

Your child will be testing their code with their classmates in our Minecraft server. Here's how to gain access to the server.

a. Click 'Multiplayer'

b. Click 'Add Server'

c. Enter the server name CodeMakers and the server address then click 'Done'

d. Click the orange CodeMakers icon once it appears, and join the server. If you can get into the server then your Minecraft is all setup for the class!

Step 7: You're ready to join the class!

  • You're now all set up and ready to join the class
  • To join the class, just follow these instructions on the day of the class