How To Join The Class

Follow these instructions to join the class on the day!

Before Joining The Class

Install & Setup Minecraft

  • Hopefully you've followed our advice and setup your Minecraft game before the class starts
  • If not, you'll need to do this before joining the class

General Guidelines

  • Please try to limit distracting background noise by placing your child in a quiet area, away from loud TVs and chatter. 
  • Of course, you're most welcome to say hi to the teacher and watch the class yourself. You might even learn a little coding too!

Step 1: Login to CodeMakers

  1. Open your Google Chrome web browser
  2. Go to and click the yellow login button up the top to login using your mobile number
  3. Click on your child's name to go into their profile
  4. You should see the login details for a Minecraft account that you can borrow for the duration of the class

Step 2: Join The CodeMakers Minecraft Server

  1. Open Minecraft and login using the email and password provided in your CodeMakers account (you can also use your own Minecraft login if you have one)

2. Once logged in, click the button as shown below to select version 1.13.2 (that you should have set up earlier)

3. Press the green PLAY button

4. Once Minecraft has launched, click 'Multiplayer'

5. Click the yellow CodeMakers logo to join our server

6. Once inside the server, you can press the escape key to gain control of your mouse back and do other things

Step 3: Close All Other Tabs & Distractions

  • You'll only need 2 things during the class: Minecraft & your CodeMakers account(which is open in Google Chrome)
  • Your child will write their code in CodeMakers, and then move to Minecraft to test it
  • We recommend closing all other applications and distractions
  • If you have a younger child, we recommend showing them how to move between the Google Chrome and Minecraft window

Step 4: Join The Class

  • When your class is about to start, click the 'Join Class' button that you should see in your CodeMakers account.
  • You may be asked to allow mic & camera to be used, so make sure you click 'Allow' when this prompt appears
  • When the teacher is ready she'll accept you into the class, and we'll get started!

EXTRA STEP For Parents With 2 Or More Kids Attending The Same Class

If you have multiple kids attending the same class in the same house together, please read through these extra steps.