Equipment & Software Requirements

Please check this list well before the date of your first class. If you have multiple kids attending the same class, they will each require all the equipment & software in this list.

A Computer

General guidelines:

  • A Mac or a PC is fine
  • A desktop or laptop computer is fine, but not a tablet
  • Combination laptop/tablet computers should be ok, as long as you can run Minecraft on it

These aren't suitable:

  • Chromebooks
  • Tablets (such as ipads)
  • If your computer was born in the 1990s and takes 10 years to load anything then that may be a problem...

A Decent Internet Connection

  • If you can Skype or watch youtube videos on your connection with ease, you'll probably be fine

Some kind of mic for talking to the teacher

The class is run via video-conference, so your child will need access to a microphone so the teacher can hear him/her.

Options include:

  • A headset (by far the best option)
  • A microphone built into the computer (if you've done a video conference on that computer before, you should be fine)
  • Earphones with a microphone (such as the ones that come with a new iPhone)

Google Chrome Web Browser

  • Our online software (where your child will write their code) is built for the Google Chrome web browser
  • This is a quick, free installation from Google

Minecraft For Mac/PC: Java Edition

  • You will need to install Minecraft for Mac/PC: Java Edition 
  • This software is 100% free to install
  • We will provide you with login details to one of our Minecraft accounts 48 hours before your child's class. This will give your child access to the full version of Minecraft for the duration of the free class, without you needing to buy another Minecraft licence.
  • Please follow these instructions to install and setup the correct version of Minecraft before the class.