Nurture Your Child's Interest In Tech With Our 10 Week Beginner Coding Program!

Watch your child's face light up as they code a different Minecraft mod each week, whilst developing their maths, problem-solving & logical thinking skills.

Nurture your child's interest in coding & computers.
  • Our beginner after-school program is perfect for kids who are relatively new to coding and excited to explore their interest further.
  • Your child receives personalized attention, with only 1-4 students per class
  • Class times are available on weekdays after school, or on the weekends
  • Your child will join their teacher and classmates at the same time each week for a 50 minute lesson, for 10 weeks total.

How It Works

1. Enroll

Join a weekly class that runs after-school or on the weekend, for a 10 week duration.

2. Attend from home

To attend class, just set your child up on a computer, log into their CodeMakers account and join the video conference.

3. Code, Test & Play!

During class, your child will follow along with the teacher as they code a Minecraft mod and test it on our Minecraft server.


By running our classes online we're able to offer small class sizes run by full-time professional teachers, with the flexibility that you need as a busy parent.

10 x Weekly Classes

Log into CodeMakers at the same time each week for a 50 minute class. We'll code a new mod each week using drag-and-drop code.

Personal Attention

Our teachers are full-time, professional educators who are passionate about the learning journey of every one of their students.

Weekly Update After Each Class

You'll receive an email from the teacher each week, outlining what your child did in class and how they're progressing with the lessons.

Video & Class Notes

We provide a video version of the lesson each week, and some written notes if your child wants to review what they learned.

Flexible Class Rescheduling

We run many classes each week, so if you are away one week or need to reschedule, we'll do our best to move your child to another class.

Unlimited Practice & Play

Your child can jump into their CodeMakers account at any time to practice, and play on the Minecraft server with other students between classes.

Perfect For Beginners

Your child will code their mods using our visual drag & drop code blocks that snap together like Lego™. 

Being able to construct logic like this is a pre-cursor to learning written languages like Python or Javascript.

Six Skills We TEACH In Our Lessons



To program a computer, we must give very explicit, clear & logical instructions.



We construct simple algorithms, use XYZ co-ordinates, touch on probability, and lots more!



Whether its spawning flying slimes or building a skyscraper out of cake - we're endlessly creative!



We are constantly analyzing and solving problems, fixing bugs, and adding features when we write our code.



We encourage experimentation - trying, failing, and trying again until our code works the way we want.


Attention To Detail

Writing code requires focused thinking and attention to detail. Make a mistake and our mod won't work!


Crazy Mobs

Week 1: In this class we'll make flying pigs, creepers riding spiders, or any other crazy combination you can think of! If we code quickly, we might even have time to ride the ender-dragon 😱

Rainbow Path Runner

Week 2: In this class we make a path appear beneath our feet as we fly through the sky. You can make your path our of any material you like, and as an extra challenge you can turn it into a tunnel!

Instant Skyscraper

Week 3: In this class we learn all about loops, as we tell out computer to build a very tall skyscraper when we place a single block on the ground. Its always fun to add a little garden on top too!

Paintsplash Mini-Game #1

Week 4: In this class we tell our computer to make a pretty paint splash when we throw an egg, so that next week we can play and test our paintball-inspired mini-game!

Paintsplash Mini-Game #2

Week 5: In this class we add scoring into our mini-game, so we can tell the computer to keep track of who is winning in our game. Once we're ready, we'll test the game out with our classmates!

Ender-Pig Mini-Game

Week 6: In this class we code another mini-game, where we run around turning pigs into zombies quicker than our classmates can. We'll leave plenty of time for testing & playing at the end!

Secret Volcano Lair

Week 7: In this class we tell our computer to build a secret volcano lair for us. Your lair will have an inner chamber, so you can decorate & protect it however you like!

Cake Gobbler Mini-Game

Week 8: In this class you'll make cake rain from the sky, and then you'll need to gobble up all the cakes before your classmates do. Whoever is the fastest cake-gobbler wins!

Treasure Hunt

Week 9: In this class you'll tell the computer to create a treasure, and then point your compass towards the treasure so that you can go dig around and find it quickly!

Spleef! Mini-Game

Week 10: In this class we'll code the popular game Spleef! and play it with our classmates. We'll add in scoring, and make sure the winner is whoever avoids the lava for longest.


We've taught thousands of tech-loving kids all around the world, and have helped build their confidence and self-esteem.

He counts down to coding class every week, starting at “6 days to go” – he looks forward to the classes that much. He has transformed from being shy and uncertain when using a computer to being completely independent.
Bec T.
Aiden's Mum
She has so thoroughly enjoyed her coding and can’t wait to get on and go. We have noticed a change in her schooling, especially problem solving. So we are extremely happy with the course.
Dave P.
Caitlyn's Dad
We particularly appreciated the specific feedback received each week and calm, positive approach shown by the facilitators.
Matthew D.
Henry's Dad
The best part is that it allows him to develop skills in programming that benefit all other areas of his learning at school.
Adrian Giles
Hugo's Dad

Hayden filmed a little review, showing us some of the cool things he has learnt in our after-school classes.

Chris loved our introductory class, and can't wait to code some more Minecraft mods in our after-school classes.

She looked proud as punch with herself when I arrived home and told me in great detail what she’d achieved. Thanks so much. She loves it.
Bec Smith
Ella's Mum
He has high functioning autism but computers are his special interest and he is very bright but just a little shy on the social front. This class is brilliant as it enables interaction in safe environment of home.
Student's Mum
Nate is loving the classes and the interaction of the online delivery, being that age ‘doing’ is far better than reading text books!!
Leigh P.
Nate's Mum
Thank you for the amazing service you are providing, and for being so flexible and immediately accommodating to reschedule Dan’s class. After his lesson tonight he said it was so good!
Scott A.
Dan's Dad
An email sent to one of our teachers...

You have done amazing things for our son. I don’t have the heart to tell him that there are no other classes with you that suit him for next term.
Please contact us as soon as you have created one. He will miss you. Mark and I will miss the sound of happiness from his coding bunker every Tuesday night. We honestly turn down the volume on the tv just to hear him. He is a special little boy and you have been absolutely perfect for him. You are brilliant at what you do. I hope this is not goodbye, but see you again soon.
I do hope you understand the impact that you have had on his little world and ours. (I’m getting emotional writing this)
Sarah D.
Xavier's Mum


We offer full upfront payment, or a payment plan to make things a bit easier on the family budget.

Full Payment

$ 299 incl. GST
  • Attend from home
  • Up to 4 students in a class
  • 10 x 50 min classes
  • Weekly update on your child
  • 24/7 access to our software
  • Flexible rescheduling

Weekly Payment Plan

$ 34 per week, for 10 weeks
  • Attend from home
  • Up to 4 students in a class
  • 10 x 50 min classes
  • Weekly update on your child
  • 24/7 access to our software
  • Flexible rescheduling
  • Weekly Payment Plan


Your child will need a computer with a microphone (either built in, or via a headset) with Google Chrome as the web browser (this is a free download if you don't have it already).

You will also need Minecraft For Mac/PC: Java Edition installed on the computer, with an account. If your child already plays Minecraft on the computer, then they would already have an account. If not, you'll need to purchase an account from for $35. 

When you book your child in, we'll create their CodeMakers account. 

To join the class, they just login to their CodeMakers account and click a button to join the video conference with the teacher. They also have Minecraft open on their computer, and join our Minecraft server.

Once your child is setup and has joined the class, we'll start writing our code within their CodeMakers online account and testing it in the Minecraft server together. 

Our classes are suitable for children aged 8-12 years old, who are excited about learning how to mod Minecraft. We're using drag-and-drop code blocks, so this workshop is perfect for a beginner-intermediate coder.

If you're unsure about whether your child is a good fit, please get in touch!

We have 2 x 10 week terms teaching Minecraft modding using drag and drop code.

By the end of term 2, your child should have some solid experience and skills in computational thinking and will have been exposed to a lot of different coding concepts and techniques. 

This is the perfect foundation on which to learn a typed language such as python or javascript. We will be offering classes in these languages in the future.

Absolutely! We teach coding & computational thinking skills in the context of making Minecraft mods but the concepts will translate to anything: coding games, websites, apps, robots, etc.

Unfortunately the mods will only work in our Minecraft server. If your child is taking classes with us, they'll have 24/7 access to the server to code, test & play!

About CodeMakers

CodeMakers is the brainchild of Nikki Durkin. 

Nikki fell in love with technology when she founded a fashion-trading app at age 18 that grew internationally and took her all over the world. 

Along with the other CodeMakers teachers, she's now excited to share her passion for code with the next generation and help them bring their big ideas to life!