Online Coding Classes For Your Minecraft-Loving Child

We'll teach your child the most in-demand skill of the 21st century by coding Minecraft mods. For ages 8-12.

Book An Introductory Class For Just $9

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After-School & Weekend Classes

We run weekly classes via video call, where up to 4 students and a teacher will code their own Minecraft mod together and test it out in a shared Minecraft world.

No Driving Anywhere

Our classes are run online, so there's no need to drive your child to and from the class. They attend from home, leaving you free to do other things!

Learn An In-Demand Skill

Coding could become your child's new favourite hobby and one day lead to an amazing career building apps, launching rockets - or creating the next Facebook!

Code A Different Minecraft Mod Each Week

Minecraft mods are bits of computer code that change the standard behaviour of your child's Minecraft game.

We'll code mods that make pigs fly, turn water to gold, build secret volcano lairs, create mini-games to play together, and tons more!

How It Works

1. Enroll In Classes

Book into a single introductory class, or a 10 week program that runs after school or on the weekend.

2. Attend from home

To attend class, just set your child up on a computer, log into their CodeMakers account and join the video call.

3. Code, Test & Play!

During class, your child will follow along with the teacher as they code a Minecraft mod and test it on our Minecraft world together.

Perfect For Beginners

Your child will code their mods using our visual drag & drop code blocks that snap together like Lego™.

Once they’ve written their code, they can test it in our Minecraft™ world in a single click!

Small Classes, Personalised Attention

Each class has a maximum of 4 students.

The teacher can see & edit your child’s code at all times, so they’ll never get stuck. Its like having a coach consistently looking over your child’s shoulder, encouraging them and guiding them through the lesson.

Six Skills We Use In Our Lessons



To program a computer, we must give very explicit, clear & logical instructions.



We construct simple algorithms, use XYZ co-ordinates, touch on probability, and lots more!



Whether its spawning flying slimes or building a skyscraper out of cake - we're endlessly creative!



We are constantly analyzing and solving problems, fixing bugs, and adding features when we write our code.



We encourage experimentation - trying, failing, and trying again until our code works the way we want.


Attention To Detail

Writing code requires focused thinking and attention to detail. Make a mistake and our mod won't work!

Hundreds Of kids Love us!

Here's what their parents have to say....

I have to thank you so much, Oscar had a great time, he actually stuck around on-line with the other kids for almost 2 hours after and only logged off because tea was ready!!
Andrew T.
Oscar's Dad
She looked proud as punch with herself when I arrived home and told me in great detail what she'd achieved. Thanks so much. She loves it.
Rebecca Smith
Ella's Mum
He is already asking me when can he learn Javascript... I told him "one step at a time!" He is very eager! Thank you for providing this platform for him to pursue his interest.
Nadine S.
Ashton's Mum


Intro Class

$ 9 incl. GST
  • Max 4 students with a teacher
  • 50 min class
  • Attend from home
  • Code your first mod
  • Times available on the weekend

10 Week Course

$ 275 incl. GST
  • Max 4 students with a teacher
  • Attend from home
  • One 50 min class per week
  • Weekly parent updates
  • 24/7 access to our software & Minecraft server
  • Weekly payment plan available
  • Class times are available Mon-Sat after school and in the evenings


Your child will need a computer with a microphone (either built in, or via a headset or earphones with a mic) so they can talk to the teacher.

For our free class you won't need your own Minecraft account, but you will need to buy an account for $35 AUD from to do the 10 week course.

When you book your child in, we'll create their CodeMakers account. 

To join the class, they just login to their CodeMakers account and click a button to join the video call with the teacher. They also have Minecraft open on their computer, and join our Minecraft server.

Once your child is setup and has joined the class, we'll start writing our code within their CodeMakers online account and testing it in the Minecraft server together. 

Our classes are suitable for children aged 8-12 years old, who are excited about learning how to mod Minecraft. We're using drag-and-drop code blocks, so this workshop is perfect for a beginner-intermediate coder.

If you're unsure about whether your child is a good fit, please get in touch!

We have 2 x 10 week courses teaching Minecraft modding using drag and drop code.

By the end of the intermediate course, your child should have some solid experience and skills in computational thinking and will have been exposed to a lot of different coding concepts and techniques. 

This is the perfect foundation on which to learn a typed language such as python or javascript. We will be offering classes in these languages in the future.

Absolutely! We teach coding & computational thinking skills in the context of making Minecraft mods but the concepts will translate to anything: coding games, websites, apps, robots, etc.

Unfortunately the mods will only work in our Minecraft server. If your child is taking classes with us, they'll have 24/7 access to the server to code, test & play!

About Us

CodeMakers is the brainchild of Nikki Durkin. 

Nikki fell in love with technology when she founded a fashion-trading app at age 18 that grew internationally and took her all over the world. 

Along with the other CodeMakers teachers, she's now excited to share her passion for code with the next generation and help them bring their big ideas to life!

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Enter your name & email to learn more about our $9 introductory class, and view the class times:

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