Live Online Coding Classes For Minecraft-Loving Kids

We'll nurture your child's interest in computers by teaching them to code flying pigs🐷, secret volcano lairs🌋 & more in Minecraft!


Attend From Home

All classes are run online, in a video call. There's no need to drive your child anywhere, and you're most welcome to watch the class yourself if you're curious or would like to supervise.

Fun, Personalized Classes

Each class has up to 4 students, and one of our fun-loving teachers. The teacher can see & edit your child's code at all times, so they can offer real-time feedback and encouragement.

Uncover Your Child's Gift

We've helped thousands of kids discover and nurture their interest in technology. Coding also happens to be the #1 most in-demand skill of the 21st century!

How It Works

There's no need to drive your child anywhere. Just book in and attend from home!

Learn from home in a safe environment — Book An Introductory Class Now↗

  1. Book In

    Book your child into our weekend introductory class, or join an after-school program consisting of one 50 min class per week.

  2. Attend From Home

    To attend the class just set your child up on a computer, log into their CodeMakers account and join the video call. The teacher will take it from there!

  3. Code, Test & Play!

    During the class your child will follow along with the teacher as they code a Minecraft mod in their CodeMakers account, and test it together on our Minecraft server.

Perfect For Beginners

Your child will write their code using our visual drag & drop code blocks that snap together like Lego.

Once they've written their code, they can test it in our Minecraft world in a single click!

Start With Our Introductory Class

Your 7-12 year old child can code their first Minecraft mod in this 50 min online class. Up to 4 Minecraft-loving students with an experienced teacher.

Create 3 Fun Minecraft Mods

During the class we'll code & test some 💢EXPLODING snowballs, ⚡LIGHTNING arrows and 🎆FIREWORK eggs. 

Attend From Home

We'll provide you with a login to our online software, where your child will join the video call and write their code. They'll then test it out in Minecraft (we provide a login for that too!)

Discover A New Hobby

We've run this class for thousands of kids, and its always a joy to see them discover a new interest in coding & computers. If your child wants to continue learning, we offer after-school classes.

Buy A Class, Give A Class

For every introductory class purchased, we also provide a free class to a child living in an under-privilegedcommunity. We currently partner with Korando Education Centre in Kenya, teaching their students to code.

Introductory Class


A 50 minute online class with a teacher and up to 4 Minecraft-loving kids.

Suitable for 7-12 year olds.


Josh had a ball. When it was finished he put down his headset and said ‘That was AMAZING!’

Sheree B.
Josh's mum

Emily absolutely loved this class. I really liked the fact that you can see what each child is doing and noticed that you were right on top of things.

Melissa M.
Emily's mum

He has been talking about it all day. Tonight, he connected his laptop to the tv and showed us all what he did in the class!

Kate D.
Daniel's mum

We were so happy with how you ran it too and kept checking on the kids to make sure they were all on the same page, that was very reassuring for his father and I.

Krystle C.
Student's mum

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